Relationship with trade unions, negotiations, collective disputes

We support our Clients in the process of building and maintaining relations with trade unions in all areas.

We have many years of experience in shaping union relations at the biggest employers of various profiles and from different industries, in particular at large companies co-owned by the State Treasury, companies from the energy sector, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and retail chains.

We begin our cooperation by auditing union documents and examining relations with unions. We take note of all potential irregularities and we recommend the optimal strategy for shaping such relations in an effective way.

The strategies we recommend are based on the belief that cooperation with trade unions should respect their right to self-governance and independence, while remaining transparent, legal and conducive to the employer’s business activities.

We support our Clients in negotiations with trade unions in all the areas that require them, including restructuring processes, collective layoffs, transfer of undertaking, establishment or amendment of collective labor agreements or other regulations affecting remuneration etc. We shoulder the main burden of the negotiations, providing our Clients with security and comfort that makes the negotiating process effective.

In particular, we provide advice on collective disputes. We determine strategies, conduct negotiations with trade unions and prepare the requisite documents. We indicate when a dispute is legal and when it is not, and we suggest how to deal with illegal ones. We have frequently prevented illegal strikes and protests by obtaining injunctions against them from courts or other appropriate organs.

We successfully represent our Clients in litigation, including criminal cases, in which union representatives are involved. In particular, these are cases concerning the termination of employment contracts with union activists, fabricating or antedating documents, motions to declare a collective dispute non-existent or accusations of obstructing union activity.
We provide our Clients with PR and communications support concerning relationships with trade unions, negotiations or disputes, both internally as well as in contact with interested external parties, including the media.