Privacy Policy of Raczkowski sp. k. and website rules and regulations for

  • 1. Information about us and general provisions

    The administrator of the website is Raczkowski sp. k. law firm with its registered office in Warsaw (00-203) at ul. Bonifraterska 17 („Law Firm”).

    The Law Firm may collect your personal data through forms, links and functionalities placed on the website. Then we will serve as the controller of your personal data. You will be informed about each instance of collecting your personal data at the earliest possible stage.

    For all matters concerning the operation of the website and processing of your personal data, please contact us by email at:

    The rules and regulations perform duties referred to in Article 8 sec. 1 of the Electronic Services Act and Article 173 sec. 1 item 1 of the Telecommunications Law.

  • 2. Privacy Policy – website:

    This Privacy Policy and regulations contains the key information on the operation of our website and its subpages (“Website”) and to what extent and which information is collected by us.

  • 3. Personal data processing and security

    We process your personal data only to the extent necessary. We apply appropriate technical solutions which prevent any assignment of information collected by us to identified or identifiable natural persons. In addition, the measures applied by us make it impossible to obtain and modify personal data by unauthorized persons.

  • 4.Terms and conditions of providing services electronically

    The Law Firm provides services electronically for the user:

    • providing access to the Website and its subpages and placing them in the Internet so that any interested user could get access to their content;
    • providing the user with the opportunity to subscribe through the Website to an event organized by the Law Firm as far as the limited number of seats are available. Using the tool for subscribing to an event does not involve any additional charges. Information on possible charges for taking part in an event organized by the Law Firm as well as other rules about the procedure of booking the event will be given each time in a description of the event;
    • providing the user with the opportunity to send his or her CV through the Website to take part in ongoing recruitment procedures. Using the tool for sending a CV is free of charge.

    To use the Website and other services offered by the Law Firm correctly, it is necessary to satisfy the following technical conditions:

    • having access to the Internet (with regard to the services described in items a through c above);
    • having a browser making it possible to use subscription forms for events or CV submission (with regard to the services described in items b and c above);
    • having an active email account (with regard to the services described in items b and c above).

    The Law Firm does not guarantee undisturbed and error-free access to the Website. In particular, access to the Website may be limited in connection with the need to perform its repairs, maintenance and introducing new solutions.

    The user is prohibited against placing illegal content, especially any content:

    • - infringing good name of third parties;
    • - infringing trade secrets of third parties;
    • - infringing third parties’ intellectual property rights;
    • - constituting an unfair competition act;
    • - inciting to any illegal actions.

    In the event of irregularities in providing services electronically, the user may file a complaint by sending an email to the address: A complaint should include: the full name of the user and a description of the circumstances forming the grounds for the complaint. Complaints shall be reviewed within 14 days of the date of their delivery to the Law Firm. The user will be informed about the resolution of the complaint by email.

    Below each of the forms making it possible to use the above tools, we have placed relevant information on personal data processing.

  • 5. Subscription to a newsletter

    The Website also makes it possible to subscribe to selected newsletters. Next to each of the forms making it possible to subscribe to a selected newsletter, we have placed relevant information on personal data processing.

  • 6. Cookies

    To ensure correct operation of the Website and use of all the functionalities offered by it, we would like to ask you to give permission to the so called cookie files (or cookies) to be stored on your device.

    Cookies are short text files which store settings and other information used by websites. Cookie files facilitate using websites, allow for storing website settings changed by you (where this is possible), include information about consents, granted once, to using particular functionalities of the website.

    The Law Firm stores cookies to run a web counter and for statistical purposes.

    If you change browser settings to turn off cookies, this will not affect adversely the operation of the Website.

    You can enable or disable cookies on your device using your browser settings:

    If your personal data are processed in connection with using the Website (including the IP address or information collected through cookies), the Law Firm processes personal data for analytical and statistical purposes – the grounds for processing are provided by Article 6 sec. 1 f) of GDPR (legitimate interest of the controller involving analysis of the activity of the users of the Website, including a survey of preferences to improve the Website’s functionalities).

    Data recipients Entities maintaining the IT infrastructure of the Law Firm as well as those performing the hosting of the Website and providers of tools for Website analytics
    Place of data processing Poland
    Period of data processing A period necessary to perform the objective indicated above, not longer than until an objection is lodged against the processing
    Rights of data subjects The right to demand access to data, rectify personal data, erase personal data or restrict their processing, object to the processing, transfer the data
    Right to file a complaint A complaint about personal data processing by the Law Firm may be filed to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office, ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw

    The Website uses Google Analytics or pageview analysis services. Google Inc. Uses cookies to monitor traffic on the Website. Google Inc. based on these files, it develops statistics and reports concerning the Website’s operation. Google Inc. does not use cookies to identify users. More information on using cookies by Google Analytics available at:

  • 7. Update of the Privacy Policy and the Website rules and regulations

    The Policy and the Website rules and regulations are verified on an ongoing basis and, if needed, updated. An amended content is effective at the moment of placing of the updated version on the Website.

    The up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy has been in force since 01.08.2020 and is available at the Website.