Anti-Crisis Shield. Co-financing

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic causing a global economic crisis, entrepreneurs faced the challenge of maintaining their business and jobs.

To rescue entrepreneurs, the government prepared the Anti-Crisis Shield providing financial support, which is to help in continuing their business operations and to protect against mass redundancies.

How much money can we get for you?

Co-financing of the remuneration for employees, contractors and clients from the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund (FGŚP):

  • no more than 50% of reduced remuneration per employee with a reduction of working hours (max. PLN 2,132.59);
  • 50% of minimum wage in case of stoppage (PLN 1,300);
  • co-financing of social security contributions.

Co-financing from the Polish Development Fund (PFR):

  • partially non-repayable loan for micro companies up to PLN 324,000;
  • partially non-repayable loan for small and medium companies up to PLN 3.5 million;
  • partially non-repayable loan for large companies up to PLN 750 million.

Co-financing of the remuneration for employees, contractors and clients from the Labour Office funds

  • PLN 1,300, PLN 1,820 or PLN 2,340 per employee;
  • co-financing of social security contributions.

Additional possibilities from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS):

  • exemption from ZUS contributions for 3 months - up to 100% of contributions;
  • idle time benefit – PLN 2,080 for 3 months.

How will we help?

We guide you through the entire funding process. There are a lot of financing programs and obtaining it requires submitting an application to many different institutions. During their completion, questions arise that the Act does not provide for an answer.

The scope of our support

We have theoretical and practical knowledge on the provisions of the Anti-Crisis Shield.

  • We verify your legal situation and support you in assessing your economic situation.
  • We select Anti-Crisis Shield Programs that you can use.
  • We calculate the amount of funding that can be obtained.
  • We prepare applications and required documentation.
  • We support the application process and the further stages of the procedure.