Global mobility

We advise on all the aspects of the global mobility of employees, including tax and social security issues. We propose practical solutions based on our long experience.

We assist with all the formalities related to employee mobility – posting them to other EU countries, posting and employing them in non-EU countries, relocation, including employment in multiple countries, creating international employment structures.

We provide end-to-end service during the process of obtaining the necessary work permits and visas in the case of employees posted to work outside the EU.

We coordinate international projects on one-stop-shop basis.

We use the assistance of our colleagues from foreign Ius Laboris law firms while remaining the coordinators of international projects on one-stop-shop basis. This way, we guarantee our Clients the comfort of working with one dedicated person throughout the project.

We have many years of experience in international projects for such industries as transportation and logistics, construction, finance and banking, BPO/SCC. We know their nature.

We prepare global mobility policies and regulations.