Employment structuring, collective and individual layoffs

We help create effective employment structures. We aid in the creation and the adjustment of company structures to business needs, including those that result from the regulatory as well as tax and other statutory burdens.

We provide comprehensive service in collective layoff processes, from strategy development, scheduling, negotiations with trade unions, the preparation of key documentation to managing the layoff process itself.

We provide our Clients with PR and communications support concerning the layoff process, in a manner that is consistent with the actions undertaken and which minimizes their negative consequences.

We have carried out tens or even hundreds of such processes for the biggest companies, both Polish and foreign, including ones that encompassed as many as several thousand employees at once. We have twenty years of experience, which enables us to give our Clients security and comfort as we shoulder the burden of the entire process. We do not learn at the expense of our Clients.

We provide advice with respect to individual dismissals, including higher management. We always tell our Clients precisely whether a given employee can be dismissed, and what the most secure and effective ways of doing this are. We strive to identify the real cause of the termination of the agreement, and to phrase it in a way that eliminates the risk of a defeat in court.

We recommend solutions that make it possible to avoid litigation. When a dispute arises, we develop strategies that best fit the specifics of the case and the Client’s business needs. Sometimes, it is preferable to settle at an early stage of the dispute, while in other cases it is advisable to continue the dispute for several years (e.g. for preventive purposes). We always advise on the optimal strategy.