Restructuring and transfer of undertaking

We advise our Clients on restructuring processes, in particular those that involve the transfer of undertaking and mergers, both domestic and international ones. We participated in the biggest operations as such in Poland and abroad, which involved up to and above ten thousand employees, in particular in industries such as energy, food and pharmaceuticals.

Our team of nearly 40 lawyers, who specialize in all areas of HR, i.e. not only labor law, but also social security and taxes as well as criminal and compliance cases, PR and communications, enables us to provide comprehensive services on the most complex restructuring processes in a way that is both efficient and cost-effective.

We are able to coordinate restructuring processes of international scope by cooperating with affiliated lawyers in labor law firms in over 50 jurisdictions worldwide, all members of Ius Laboris.
We also provide PR and communications services for such processes, ensuring that our Client's actions and publicity are consistent. Together with our team of criminal lawyers, we operate a crisis management practice, offering our Clients immediate support whenever it is needed, especially with respect to restructuring processes.