We are currently conducting litigation on behalf of our Clients in several hundred cases from all areas of HR, including labor law, and in particular:

  • individual and collective layoffs;
  • remuneration, bonuses, overtime;
  • additional employee benefits;
  • mobbing, unequal treatment and discrimination;
  • non-compete clauses, conflict of interest, unfair competition; 
  • workplace accidents;
  • social security payments to ZUS (including company social benefits fund, premiums on contracts for a specific work, transformation of a civil contract into an employment agreement);
  • legal determination that an employment contract relationship is in place,

as well as in cases of misdemeanor and criminal offences by employees, the legal liability of the management staff and other issues related to HR and compliance management.

We focus on prevention – with fewer disputes, our Clients are able to allocate more resources to their business.

We have frequently successfully avoided litigation or resolved a dispute at an early stage thanks to mediation or dispute resolution negotiations.

We know that legal disputes with employees are noticed and discussed by everybody in the company. Employees monitor the employer’s attitude very closely. This is why we conduct each case taking into account the broader context and general prevention, in full awareness of its impact on the morale, attitudes and decisions of other employees.

We recommend comprehensive litigation strategies, combining employee-related and social-security-related aspects with those involving taxation, misdemeanors and criminal offences. By way of example, if an employee is dismissed for abusing medical leave and this abuse also means that he has committed a misdemeanor or a felony, there are three aspects: an employee-related one (appeal against termination of employment contract), a social security one (returning benefits paid without due cause) and a criminal case. We provide full service on such cases on one-stop-shop basis, ensuring coherence, which results in more effective litigation strategies.

We work on litigation all over Poland; having offices in Warsaw, Kraków and Poznań makes it possible to be both cost- and time effective. We represent our Clients before all the courts, including the Supreme Court.

We have experience and we are ready to work concurrently on several hundred, or even several thousand, cases for one Client.