Personal data protection

The Raczkowski personal data protection clinic

We operate an extensive personal data protection practice in all areas of HR management, with the support of our criminal law and compliance team.

We carry out periodic audits aimed at discovering all potential ‘maladies’ (irregularities) in the data processing structure, scope and practices;

We take ‘security X-rays’ of the IT area combined with a package of specialized tests and exams;

We issue ‘diagnoses' and ‘recommendations’ for specific fixes aimed at avoiding image problems, hefty administrative penalties and litigation;

We implement and monitor individualized ‘therapies' (intensive or preventive, depending on the organization’s current 'health’), where the Client is successively guided through all the areas that in the course of the audit have been determined as needing improvement, change or increase in personal data protection levels;

We train the Client’s staff, striving to increase their level of awareness of personal data protection rules, the risks stemming from the violation of such rules, the ways in which such risks can be eliminated and appropriate reactions to data confidentiality infringements;

After the ‘therapy’ is over, we continue preventive care, whereby we provide the Client with updates on key areas;

We carry out assessments of compliance with the GDPR and the regulations that implement it, with a view to helping the Client apply for and obtain data processing compliance certification;

We carry out audits that provide our Clients with information on the degree to which recommendations have been abided by and the level of improvement in the organization’s security in the context of obtaining or maintaining certification;

We assist the Client in the case of supervisory inspections or incidents such as data breaches or complaints. As a result, our Clients receive immediate legal support and organizational recommendations, which is vital in critical moments in order to prevent losses from increasing.