Social fund (ZFŚS)

We advise our Clients on all the aspects of the company social fund as well as other systems for supporting employees.

We carry out audits of social fund spending for compliance with the law. We suggest how to spend the funds in a fair way that is well suited to the employees’ needs without undue administrative burdens and legal risks on the employer's part.

We prepare social fund regulations and other related documents.

We support our Clients in discussions with trade unions concerning the company social benefits fund, including such topics as regulations, the way the funds are spent and the awarding of benefits. Not every application for benefits can be disclosed to trade unions, as employees involved might not wish so. This is particularly true when such applications contain a significant amount of sensitive data.

We advise on disputes with the Social Security Institution (ZUS) concerning the social benefits fund. While the law has not changed greatly in the past few years, there has been a major shift in how it is interpreted. In particular, ZUS has its own interpretation. The disputes are of mass nature, with ZUS issuing as many decisions as many employees there are. We have won thousands of such cases. We concurrently filed several hundred, or perhaps several thousand appeals against ZUS decisions. We have the resources and the knowledge that enable us to effectively manage such processes.

Some employers choose to implement alternative forms of benefits for their employees, e.g. cafeterias. We advise how to effectively implement these. We prepare the necessary regulations and documents.