Mobbing, discrimination, unequal treatment, personal data protection

We provide comprehensive support to our Clients in cases involving mobbing and discrimination. We offer programs aimed at preventing and counteracting such unwanted situations with a view to limiting the employer’s potential liability.

Since such charges entail significant risks and potentially high costs for our Clients, we put special emphasis on prevention and on correct understanding of the issues involved on the part of employers and employees alike (including management). We prepare and monitor the process of implementing anti-discrimination and anti-mobbing policies. We regularly train employees in this area.

We carry out investigations, with significant support of our compliance division. We provide advice on how to efficiently conduct such proceedings as well as what actions the Client should undertake to protect its interests. We have participated in tens of such cases, including several ones that were widely covered in the media.

We represent our Clients in litigation concerning mobbing and discrimination. We effectively implement litigation strategies, which we develop taking into account the earlier preventive and investigative actions. 

We provide our Clients with PR and communications support, in both external and internal relations, in the case of events that constitute mobbing, discrimination or other undesired actions. We operate a crisis management practice, within which we provide full service on such processes.

Employees are often mistaken in seeing their relationship with their superiors and employers as mobbing or discrimination. In addition, such charges are often used instrumentally, e.g. when employment is terminated. We advise how to cope with such charges and what actions to take towards the employees (up to and including their dismissal).