Contracts, regulations, compliance procedures, employee documentation

Internal procedures serve the Client’s needs when they are correctly implemented, familiar to the team and followed. That is what we have in mind when we strive to effectively implement our Client’s objectives. 

We prepare and implement full HR documentation, not merely required under labor law (contracts, regulations and other), but also in the area of compliance (ethics codes, anti-mobbing procedures, whistleblowing procedures, personal data processing procedures and other).

We create and implement comprehensive employee documentation on large restructuring processes, including collective layoffs, transfer of undertaking and other. We provide our Clients with access to current and legally safe templates of contracts of employment, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements and other standard employee documents.  We prepare tailor-made regulations, procedures and other documents that are adjusted to the Client’s needs, business profile and industry.  We make sure that the regulations and procedures are written in a simple language that is understandable to the target audience and that they support the Client in the pursuit of business goals. Workplace rules and regulations will differ between a manufacturing plant and a bank or another financial institution.

While preparing and implementing the regulations and procedures, we recommend actions and strategies that facilitate effective implementation. While creating HR and compliance documents, we provide advice on how to attain business objectives.

We audit the Client’s employee documentation, we point out irregularities and risks and we recommend changes to be made.