HR audits, compliance audits

We offer our Clients an analysis of the way in which their companies function with respect to labor law and compliance. 

Its goal is to assess the compatibility of the employer’s documentation and practice with legislation and case law. 

We indicate risk areas with respect to employer-employee relationships. We identify and recommend solutions that are more advantageous for employers because they boost legal security while reducing financial and organizational burdens.

We examine whether your company’s internal regulations are in compliance with the law, including regulations, procedures and policies, employment-related documents and other. We assess whether they meet both Polish and foreign requirements, as well as whether they meet your needs and safeguard your interests.  

When conducting a compliance audit, we recommend changes to the regulations with a view to making them fully effective and comprehensive. We prepare a red flag report which lists irregularities and discrepancies as well as recommendations of necessary changes in the documentation.