Collective labor agreements; social packages

We support our Clients in the preparation, negotiation, amending, termination and dissolution of collective labor agreements, social packages and other collective agreements.

We have participated in dozens of such processes. We have advised on the termination and amendment of collective labor agreements and social packages at Poland’s biggest companies, especially in the energy sector.

We have dealt with the most complex collective regulations stemming from the period of privatization of state-owned companies. Acting in an efficient, effective and legal way, we have been able to change such regulations in spite of the fact that they included perpetuity clauses and generous guarantees of employment and terms of employment, and that they guaranteed damages going into millions of zlotys. 

We conduct negotiations with trade unions. We prepare documents (collective labor agreements and other collective agreements) that are tailored to our Clients' business needs.

We support our Clients in the effective and efficient implementation of amended payment and employment terms. We prepare the requisite documents.

We also provide PR and communications services for such processes, both in relations with employees as well as externally. Together with our team of criminal lawyers, we operate a crisis management practice, offering our Clients immediate support whenever a crisis arises as a result of the actions undertaken (e.g. a strike or another protest).