Working time and overtime

We recommend, prepare and implement effective and cost-effective solutions concerning working time, which are tailored to the Client’s needs and the nature of its business.

We provide our Clients with an analysis of their working time systems and – based on them - working time schedules, taking into account their compliance with the law and their purpose. Building on this, we develop optimal solutions that are adjusted to the Client’s needs, business profile and industry.

We recommend appropriate working time systems and schedules. We monitor the accuracy of benefit settlement in connection with working time system management.

We implement effective and efficient overtime management systems. We are able to limit the number of overtime hours through effective management of the employees' working time.

We support our Clients during audits of working time compliance carried out by the National Labor Inspectorate (PIP), in particular with respect to filing objections to audit protocols, responding to PIP letters of instruction or implementing post-audit recommendations.

We conduct trainings and workshops on working time issues, not just for HR employees, but for middle and lower management as well. We coach how to effectively and safely manage the working time of subordinates, how to allocate work and what to avoid in order not to expose the employer to liability.

We represent our Clients in litigation concerning working time. We have won overtime cases concerning hundreds and sometimes thousands overtime hours and groups of dozens of employees.

We represent our Clients in cases concerning liability for alleged felonies and misdemeanors by the employer and by persons acting on its behalf with respect to violations of working time regulations.