We provide comprehensive services in proceedings related to hiring foreigners, i.e. we plan immigration processes, we carry out audits of our Clients' practices in this area and we determine the correct legal basis for employment. We prepare the necessary documents and applications and we file them on behalf of the Client (work permits, residency permits, employment declarations, visas).

We know that immigration cases can be cumbersome (with constant changes in regulations, inconsistent approach in different offices, long waiting times for decisions). Our sizeable, highly qualified team relieves the Clients of the entire burden of conducting and managing these processes; we only ask the Clients to supply us with the necessary documents and we provide information on case status on ongoing basis. We guarantee that each case is supervised by an advocate or legal advisor.

We give our Clients the comfort of knowing that employees are hired legally. We know how administrative organs act in this area and we recommend solutions that are consistent with this knowledge.

We conduct thousands of cases all around Poland. With offices in Warsaw, Kraków and Poznań, we are able to act quickly.

We handle mass cases. We have the experience and we are ready to concurrently work on several hundred or even several thousand cases for one Client.

We provide training sessions for our Clients on the topic of employing foreigners.