Hiring, remuneration, rewarding and dismissal of management staff

We advise our Clients in the process of hiring and dismissing higher managers, including management board members.

We have advised on hundreds of such cases. We understand them inside out. We know where the risks and the weaknesses lie. We comprehensively guide the Client through the entire process, guaranteeing comfort, effectiveness and security.

We advise on the optimal basis of employment, especially from the point of view of social security premiums and taxation.

We negotiate conditions and prepare the structure and the documentation that underpin employment (contracts of employment, managerial contracts, civil law agreements, resolutions).

We also prepare corporate documentation that is necessary to launch cooperation with management board members, and we represent our Clients in business register proceedings before the National Court Register (KRS).

We pay special attention to non-disclosure clauses and non-compete agreements which are binding during and after employment. We prepare the requisite agreements and documents.

We prepare and evaluate short- and long-term bonus programs for the management staff (e.g. stock options and phantom stock programs).

We advise in processes of hiring managers in companies co-owned by the State Treasury, taking into account the provisions of the new salary cap law. We support our Clients in the implementation of these rules. We prepare the requisite documents (resolutions, contracts). We have a specialized team that provides comprehensive HR services for companies co-owned by the State Treasury.

We support our Clients in the process of terminating employment with managers. We advise how to terminate employment by mutual consent to minimize litigation risk.

We conduct litigation and arbitration with former managers.