External forms of employment, temporary work, outsourcing

We provide our Clients with optimal solutions with respect to the outsourcing of services and the use of external employees. We guarantee that the proposed solutions remain compliant not just with labor law regulations, but also with social security and tax laws. We ensure that they are not questioned by authorities, especially the Social Security Institution (ZUS). Thanks to our solutions, our Clients are able to implement measures that lead to true cost optimization without incurring risks.

We carry out audits of agreements with providers of outsourcing services and with temporary work agencies for their compliance with the law and suitability to the Client’s business needs.
We prepare outsourcing agreements, service agreements and agreements with temporary work agencies, as well as other documentation concerning the use of external employees that is necessary to launch cooperation on the basis of a contract of mandate, contract for a specific work or B2B cooperation contract.

We provide ongoing advice during our Client’s cooperation with a temporary work agency or providers of outsourcing services.

In the case of litigation, we provide our Clients with comprehensive service during the trial.

We advise multiple companies from the BPO/SSC industry in all HR areas. We know what the industry’s problems are. We have solutions ready for these problems. We have a dedicated team that serves such companies.

We also advise temporary work agencies on all aspects of their business, including posting employees to work abroad. We cooperate closely with the Immigration and Global Mobility teams.

We represent our Clients in administrative proceedings for registration or deregistration as temporary work agency.