Employee pension and capital schemes

Additional pension saving for employees: the PPK
We offer support in the design, launch and administration of the Employee Capital Plan (PPK, Pracowniczy Plan Kapitałowy), which constitutes an additional system of employer-related pension saving. Our support encompasses all the activities needed to establish the PPK, as well as comprehensive legal consulting during the set-up phase of the program and during its subsequent day-to-day functioning. Our very broad approach to the PPK includes providing advice on issues related to the protection of the participants’ personal data and on the implementation of integrated compliance regulations that allow for the transfer or the limitation of the management’s PPK-related liability, as well as on public levies on PPK contributions and payouts.
PPE as an alternative for the PPK
The requirement to establish a PPK can be avoided by setting up, sufficiently in advance, a PPE (Employee Pension Program, Pracowniczy Program Emerytalny), an alternative employer-related form of group saving which has been present in Poland for more than ten years. Given that the PPK will be common, having such an element in employment policy (as an additional benefit) could help the employer stand out it in the labor market. We support you in the assessment of the purposefulness of the implementation of the PPE at your organization as an alternative to the PPK, and we provide comprehensive legal advice at program design and establishment phase as well as in its day-to-day functioning.