PRO HR October 2022


What is the newest issue of the employer newsletter about?


Due to the low availability of deadlines for submitting applications and the longer expected time for their recognition, we recommend taking action immediately.

Citizens of Belarus and Ukraine who meet certain conditions are given the possibility to apply in Poland for a Polish national visa. Applications will be processed directly at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This should include at least the cost of electricity, calculated according to average energy consumption standards, and telecommunications services, such as the Internet. It is worth having a go at the calculation of the lump sum today in order to budget money for this purpose

The draft of the new regulations provides for the introduction of two additional work breaks. Currently, an employee whose daily working time exceeds 6 hours is entitled to one 15-minute break, included in the working time. 

Employee documents issued unilaterally by the employer and regulating collective labour law can be signed by the employer either at once electronically or by hand and then uploaded to a dedicated IT tool. 

The minimum wage affects, among other things, the following employer benefits: cash severance pay for group dismissals, night work allowance, compensation for unequal treatment and mobbing, or downtime pay.

Consequently, the first automatic enrolments should not take place until 2027. The State Development Fund, however, takes a different view, consistently maintaining that the first resumption will take place as early as in 2023. 

The restrictions went into effect on 26 September 2022, based on a regulation by the Minister of Interior and Administration dated 19 September 2022. The prohibition to enter Poland applies to Russian citizens travelling primarily for tourist, cultural, sports and business purposes

The Poland.Business Harbour (PBH) program has been expanded to include companies in strategic industries, implementing projects that are important for the development of the Polish economy. 

You can verify the data provided by the candidate as well as check publicly available records. Verification may also include checking the authenticity of the documents submitted during the recruitment process. 

We introduce a permanent column on current rates, percentages, minimum wages.


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