PRO HR September 2022


What is the newest issue of the employer newsletter about?


The entity entrusting the performance of work to a foreigner or the person who acts on its behalf is required to attach to the application for the work permit and for the renewal of this permit, a statement of no criminal record. 

In the oral recitals of the judgment, it was pointed out that the President of the Personal Data Protection Office interprets too narrowly the purpose derived from legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party. 

According to the bill of the regulation, also the per diems and limits for overnight stays on foreign business trips are to increase.

Getting burned by boiling water when making tea, tripping over electronic equipment cords or slipping on a wet toilet floor. The occurrence of such events at the work establishment, as a rule, does not raise any doubt that they are work accidents. 

The draft of the new legislation introduces significant changes regarding employment contracts for a probationary period. The maximum length of the probationary period (3 months) will generally remain unchanged. 

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