PRO HR August 2022


What is the newest issue of the employer newsletter about?

At the employee's request, the employer deducts trade union membership fees from the employee's salary and remits them to the trade union.

As of 28 July this year, the per diem rate for employees on domestic business trips is PLN 38. So far, it has been PLN 30. This is the first change since 2013. is an e-document that confirms the basic data about a citizen of Ukraine. It is accessible through the mCitizen mobile application. Poland has notified the European Commission, thanks to which it can be used in all Schengen countries. 

Increasingly, HR documents are being signed electronically, by both the employer and the employee.  In this case, the employer is required to properly secure and archive these documents in an ICT system (as this is the original document).

1 and 2 August 2022 were the deadlines for implementing two EU directives - on transparent and predictable working conditions and the so-called work-life balance directive. 

The Voivodship Administrative Court in Warsaw in its judgment of 1 July 2022, affirmed that it is the bank that is the controller of the personal data contained in a lost shipment (sent by the bank) and should be the one to report the breach.