Taxes, including PIT


  • We advise our Clients on the taxation of all kinds of benefits paid to employees.
  • We prepare and implement effective structures for employing and remunerating management board members, managers and other employees, both Polish and foreign.
  • In cooperation with law firms that are members of Ius Laboris we evaluate the tax status of employees posted to work abroad and of foreigners posted to work in Poland, and we determine tax obligations for the employees and the employers in Poland and abroad.
  • We help determine the tax consequences of employee incentive schemes based on stock and stock options (including employees whose entitlement to these arose when working abroad), and we support our Clients in safe implementation of these.

We provide support on tax settlements, including:

  • Determining amounts due on account of taxes and social security premiums of posted employees in Poland and abroad;
  • Calculating tax and social security withholding;
  • Estimating the costs of posting employees to Poland and from Poland;
  • Preparing and filing Polish annual tax returns on behalf of posted employees;
  • Filing applications for social insurance certificates.