Employer should archive electronically signed documents | PRO HR August


Increasingly, HR documents are being signed electronically, by both the employer and the employee. 

In this case, the employer is required to properly secure and archive these documents in an ICT system (as this is the original document).

If employee documentation is still kept on paper (e.g. personnel files), and an electronically signed document is part of it (e.g. an employment contract), then once the document is secured and archived in the system, it should be

  • printed,
  • signed for compliance with the electronic document,
  • pinned into the file. 

In addition, we recommend that the same procedure be followed for a cover email to which an electronically signed statement file has been attached.

This means that such an email should also be secured and archived in the system, and then printed, signed for compliance and pinned into the file.

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