PRO HR May 2020


What does the current issue of the employer newsletter contain?


  • Topic 1: Taxation of employee benefits during the threat posed by COVID-19

Benefits that are not available due to epidemiological isolation are not taxable.

The bill providing further support for entrepreneurs affected by the COVID-19 epidemic is waiting for the President's signature. What are the key changes to the act?

  • Topic 3: Anti-Crisis Shield. Co-financing

Today, employers are forced to cut costs and the current regulations provide for support mechanisms to protect jobs.

  • Topic 4: Quarantine of employees

Verification of quarantined employees and quarantine of an employee whose household member is infected.

  • Topic 5: Employment of disabled persons: facilities under the Anti-Crisis Shield

The special purpose laws enacted to date have introduced facilities for disabled persons and their employers

  • Topic 6: Suspension of contributions to Employee Pension Plans and Employee Capital Plans when using the Anti-Crisis Shield

It is possible not to fund the basic contribution to Employee Pension Plans (PPE) if economic downtime is instituted in the work establishment or working time is reduced. Similarly, payments to Employee Capital Plans (PPK) may also be withheld in such situations.

  • Topic 7: Facilities for Supervisory Boards

The Anti-Crisis Shield has introduced changes to the Commercial Company Code facilitating and modernizing the organization of Supervisory Board meetings.

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