PRO HR November 2020


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If an employee’s infection with coronavirus is confirmed, his or her employer is obligated to take a number of actions. In the article we describe six the most important steps to be taken. 

The Labour Code does not contain any regulations directly referring to the protection of mental health in the workplace. The employers do, however, have certain duties in this area.

The epidemic has accelerated the process of employers digitalizing their HR processes. This may also pertain to the documentation created within the framework of employee capital schemes whose implementation is now at the final stages in companies belonging to groups II and III.

In connection with the end of the transition period (the end of 2020) EU citizens who would like to work in the United Kingdom will not be able to take advantage of current EU freedoms. Their status will be equivalent to the status of third country nationals. To simplify the employment of foreigners the authorities of the United Kingdom are modifying the regulations governing this issue. 

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