Employment MasterClass Club

Graduates of the Employment MasterClass who want to continue their adventure with employment law are offered membership in the Employment MasterClass Club at Raczkowski.

The Club meets once a month. The meetings are around three hours. The graduates discuss selected issues in the field of labour law.

Participation cost per meeting: PLN 300 + VAT.





Iwona Jaroszewska-Ignatowska

Working time – the most common practical problems and issues.


Katarzyna Dobkowska

The justification of terminating the employment agreement –
how to best formulate it? Workshop.


Michał Kacprzyk

What is worth knowing and how to prepare
for employing foreigners?


Rafał Jaroszyński

Social fund in the company.


Katarzyna Serwińska

Tomasz Kret

PIT and ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) on
claims related to the termination of an employment agreement –
severance payments, damages and other benefits.


Piotr Lewandowski

How to avoid a legal dispute with an employee?
How to prepare for it and minimize its negative effects?


Katarzyna Dobkowska

Changes in regulations and the latest jurisprudence in the field of
labour law.


Attorney-at-law. Partner in the Firm since September 2012. Previously, she spent 11 years at the Domański Zakrzewski Palinka law firm, where she headed the labour law team in its Warsaw office. She advises Polish and international clients on the entire scope of labour law and represents them successfully in employee-related legal disputes. She mainly values cooperation on a standing and ongoing basis as it makes it possible to gain a keen understanding of a client’s unique profile and needs. In her opinion, this affords the opportunity not only to solve client’s problems with greater speed and facility but also to anticipate and prevent them. Following her studies at the University of Warsaw, she completed a full-time court apprenticeship. She then spent two years working for Arthur Andersen. Sources hail Katarzyna Dobkowska as "a very dynamic and respected employment lawyer." Clients value that she is "easy to reach and work with" and "has a business approach to issues.". She is also recommended by the Rzeczpospolita Ranking of Law Firms in the field of labour and social insurance law. She regularly appears in the press and TV as a labour law expert. She currently lectures labour law at Warsaw School of Economics.

Attorney-at-law, Doctor of Juridical Science, partner. Graduated with honors from the Law and Administration Faculty at the University of Gdańsk (10th position in the graduate list). In 2003 participated in the work of the parliamentary commission on the “European” amendment of the Labour Code and the Brussels Social Dialogue program at the European Union.

Has a dozen or so years of experience in providing legal services in the area of labour law. After completing her court training she was the director of the legal department of a consultancy and worked as an in-house in a corporation, which enabled her to understand the needs of corporate clients and work out the much-appreciated business approach to resolution of HR problems. She also worked in the Constitutional Tribunal Office. For 10 years she ran her own Labour Law Firm, managing a 8-person team of lawyers, providing permanent service to approx. 40 corporate clients.

In her practice, Ms. Jaroszewska-Ignatowska focuses predominantly on issues related to working time, including the implementation and execution of emergency response contingency plans, transfers, group dismissals, voluntary redundancy programmes, temporary work, outsourcing, in-company sources of labour law, termination of employment contracts and negotiations with trade unions, also conducted as part of collective disputes. She assists her clients in applying labour law regulations while incorporating their specific business needs and corporate rules related to their code of ethics and values.

She was a lecturer at post-graduate labour law studies at the Leon Koźmiński Academy, at the University of Łódź and, earlier on, at the Higher School of Commerce and Law in Warsaw at the Law and Administration Faculty, and Warsaw College of Personal Management in Post-Graduate Labour Law and Personnel Management.

Currently regularly invited to speak at conventions, conferences, symposia. Successfully runs workshops in labour law for employees of HR departments and employee management staff, in particular devoted to working time, termination of employment contracts, discrimination and mobbing, as well as managers’ liability, which clients appreciate for specific answers to their challenges involved in managing employees on a day-to-day basis, combined with providing specific examples.

Author of numerous publications on labour law: report prepared for the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland entitled: “Age discrimination of the elderly in the labour market”, “Labour Code with commentary” published by the “Infor” publishing house; co-author of the encyclopedia “Law not only for lawyers”; commentaries: “Labour Code. Commentary for HR managers” edited by A. Patulski, PhD and counselor G. Orłowski and “Praxis. Labour law for judges and attorneys-in-fact” edited by K. Walczak, PhD hab., and M. Wojewódka, PhD. Frequent guest of radio and television programmes.

Tax advisor, Partner in the Warsaw office. Graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics with master’s degree in economics and management. She joined our Law Firm in 2018. From the beginning of her professional career she was associated with PwC, where for the past 12 years she has been acting as the leader of the employee tax and HR consulting team.
She specializes in personal income tax and social security matters, with special focus on international tax aspects of relocation of employees outside of and to Poland, and optimization of employment costs.
During her professional career she advised Polish and international clients on tax and social security consequences of establishing and operation of cost-efficient structures for employment and remuneration of employees (including senior executives) and tax and social security consequences of employee incentive plans and their efficient delivery.
She dealt with current tax and social security compliance of employees seconded to work in Poland and performing work abroad.  For many years she has been supervising the process of annual tax compliance for senior executives of international companies in Poland and abroad.
She is the author of publications on international taxation of employees seconded from Poland and to Poland and has spoken at seminars and workshops devoted to personal tax and social security matters.

Attorney-at-law, graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Łazarski University and Post-Gradual Human Resources Management Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. Specialist in labour law with 15 years of experience in providing services to employers in the area of labour law. Has experience in providing services to corporations, in consulting on termination of employment contracts, group dismissals, mergers and acquisitions, deductions from remuneration for work, material and disciplinary liability of employees, and establishing company sources of labour law. Author of numerous publications on labour law in “Serwis Prawno-Pracowniczy”, “Prawo Pracy – Personelu od A do Z", “Prawo pracy w orzecznictwie Sądu Najwyższego”, “Doradca Podatnika”, “Doradca Prezesa spółki z o.o.” and many others.

Doctor of law, attorney-at-law, graduate of the University of Wrocław and the University of Copenhagen (cand.jur. and LL.M.), he manages the team of Immigration and Global Mobility. He specializes in aspects related to the employment of foreigners and international mobility of employees.

Michał has many years of experience in providing legal services to business entities in the corporate field, including Asian investors, and in the role of an in-house lawyer in a bank and in a State Treasury company.

He manages a team that provides support to clients in all aspects of HR law in which there is a cross-border element, as well as in the field of the most effective practices regarding the employment of foreigners in Poland.

Attorney-at-law, graduated from the Law and Administration Faculty at the University of Warsaw. Has several years of experience in providing legal services to business entities, both in labour law and in other branches of law. Currently he focuses his practice on representing clients in litigations and pre-court disputes in all areas of labour law. Author of publications on labour law in periodicals published by the “Wiedza i Praktyka” Publishing House and co-author of the commentary entitled “Praxis. Prawo Pracy dla sędziów i pełnomocników” [Praxis. Labour Law for judges and attorneys-in-fact].

He completed his legal studies at the University of Lodz. Prior to joining the Law Firm in March 2018, he worked for more than 13 years in the Tax Law Department at PwC. He specializes in personal income taxation, in particular income derived from intellectual property rights, income earned by migrant workers and employee benefits. During his career he has advised on the implementation of effective compensation schemes for employees and managers. He has devised employee posting policies and rules for what is known as „tax equalization”. He has prepared and reviewed the tax and insurance declarations of posted employees. He has conducted numerous seminars and training sessions, chiefly pertaining to the taxation of employee benefits and the fiscal aspects of posting employees abroad. He is the author of articles published in the press on the taxation of private individuals and he is the co-author of a book entitled „Double Taxation Agreements. Commentary”.