PRO HR May 2021


What is the newest issue of the employer newsletter about?

Entrepreneurs wishing to take advantage of the selected form of aid must meet several conditions.

The Supreme Court, in its judgment on January 21, 2021, No. III PSKP 2/21, explained that notification of unions about the intention to dismiss an employee must meet certain standards.

The new Good Practices include issues related to the recently popular area of ​​Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), i.e. environmental issues and sustainable development, as well as social and employee matters.

The employer is not obliged to release the employee from work for his time against remuneration.

Foreigners staying in Poland can vaccinate. The condition for admission to vaccination is legal stay, e.g. on the basis of a visa or residence card.

The subsidy is settled through the bank's electronic banking system which the entrepreneur applied for funds.

Settlement of the financial subsidy from the PFR 1.0 Shield must be made within 10 working days after 12 months from the payment of the subsidy.

Such redemption is possible for entrepreneurs whose scope of activity actually performed and disclosed in CEIDG / KRS on December 31, 2019 included at least one of the 54 PKD codes indicated in the target regulations.

At the end of April, an amendment to the Banking Law and some other acts came into force, implementing the so-called The CRD V Directive and the CRR II Regulation. It introduces several changes as compared to the previous regulation.

Employers will have to indicate the code of the profession to be performed by the insured person.

The European Commission has classified as high-risk the systems using artificial intelligence used for employment, employee management, recruitment, monitoring and evaluation processes of employees.


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