PRO HR March 2020


What does the current issue of the employer newsletter contain?

  • Topic 1: Remote work and coronavirus

An employer should define the group of persons who may be instructed to work remotely, set the anticipated duration of that period and the place where this work is to be done and also specify the fundamental issues associated with remote work. 

  • Topic 2: Coronavirus and ensuring business continuity 

Not every employer can phase in remote work or suspend its business activity, therefore you should immediately implement actions to prepare. 

  • Topic 3: Operating during the pandemic

Many businesses are grappling with suppressed demand for their products and services. Many employees are not working, while others are working remotely. It would be worthwhile to use this situation to take those actions for which there is usually a shortage of time.

  • Topic 4: Brexit: nothing will change during the transition period, or until the end of 2020

The new rules concerning the legalization of residence and work by foreigners following the end of the transition period will hinge on the future agreements to be negotiated between the United Kingdom and the European Union. At present, there are no official positions on what steps will be taken and when.

  • Topic 5: Conditional non-compete agreement

An employer may stipulate in a contract that it will make the decision on whether such a ban will be in force after employment ends.

  • Topic 6: Transfer of a work establishment

Acquiring the fixed assets needed in business activity is of importance for transfer but their lack does not always preclude such a transfer. The actual change of the entity hiring the employees must always take place.

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