Occupational burnout cannot be a reason for a sick leave


Contrary to media reports, from the 1st of January 2022, occupational burnout is not a disease and cannot justify absence from work.

Although the World Health Organisation included professional burnout in the International Statistical

Classification of Diseases and Health Problems revision eleven (the so-called ICD-11), it is not qualified as a disease. Importantly, in Poland, revision 10 of the above classification is still in force and this state will not change for the next few years.

It is this classification that is referred to by a doctor when examining an employee in terms of their ability to work and issuing a sick leave, in which the disease code indicated in the ICD-10 should be indicated.

This is therefore an additional argument for considering that professional burnout cannot be the basis for sick leave and inability to work. 

Regardless of the changes in classification, employers should, however, ensure safe and healthy working conditions. This also includes preventing undesirable phenomena such as occupational burnout.

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Source: HR na Szpilkach
Date: 10 April 2022
Language: Polish