More formalities when employing a Ukrainian citizen on the basis of a work notification | PRO HR Alert


The amendment to the special Act extends the catalogue of employment conditions to be fulfilled for entrusting work to a Ukrainian citizen on the basis of a notification. 

According to the new rules, the employer must comply with the conditions of employment declared when submitting the notification on entrusting work to a citizen of Ukraine, i.e. working time or number of hours and remuneration.

When filling in the form, the employer will additionally be obliged to state the number of all persons performing work under employment contracts and civil law contracts as of the 23rd of  February 2022 and as of the date of filing the notification.

The Act also introduces a facilitation for those employers who, when employing a Ukrainian citizen between the 24th of February 2022 and the 14th day prior to the date of entry into force of the amendment, failed to file a notification to this effect and, as a consequence, exposed themselves to the charge of illegal assignment of work.

Employers who have not done so earlier will be able to file a notification within 14 days of the effective date of the amendment, i.e. by the 14th of July 2022.

The condition for exercising the entitlement is that the Ukrainian citizen is notified to the Social Insurance Institution or the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund in connection with the entrustment of work.