Information from the district head (starost) to be abolished, employment of foreigners to be made easier | PRO HR Alert


A new draft Act on employment of foreigners has been submitted to the Council of Ministers' legislative work list. It assumes simplification of the procedures for employing foreigners and thus acceleration of the process of issuing permits.

For now, only the general outline of the draft is known. 

The draft assumes the elimination of the condition of the so-called labour market test.

In addition, solutions are to be adopted allowing for the correction or removal from the legal market of declarations on the commission of work to foreigners that were mistakenly entered into the register or that are unnecessary.

The principles for electronic handling of the processes related to the employment of foreigners will also be defined, allowing for more effective and faster administrative proceedings. 

The new regulations will be based on the existing principles of access of foreigners to the Polish labour market.

However, they are to be reformulated so as to facilitate their application and observance.