Diia.pl e-document confirms right to stay of Ukrainian citizens' in Poland and entitles them to travel within the Schengen area, but is not available to everyone | PRO HR Alert


Diia.pl, which is an electronic document issued to Ukrainian citizens covered by the law on assistance to the Ukrainian citizens, has been added to the catalogue  of residence documents that Poland has notified to the European Commission. 

This is an important and long-awaited solution.

The holder of this e-document is entitled to cross the external borders and move within the Schengen area for 90 days within each 180-day period, which is analogous to holders of long-term visas and residence cards. 

In order to travel with Diia.pl e-document, a valid travel document, such as a passport, must be presented in the event of an inspection.

An obstacle to getting Diia.pl is the PESEL obtained in the regular procedure.

Despite the fact that citizens of Ukraine are covered by the provisions of the special law, a PESEL obtained before 24.02.2022 makes it impossible to get Diia.pl document so far. PESEL UKR is required. 

Diia.pl is currently available only to adults. 

A document that allows to travel within the Schengen area is also a certificate of temporary protection under EU law.

The document is issued in a form of paper document by the Office for Foreigners. 

We are already able to confirm the practical use of Diia.pl at the external Schengen borders. Border guards, also in other Schengen countries, respect Diia.pl.