Citizens of Belarus and Ukraine can apply for a national visa in Poland | PRO HR Alert


In the period from August 30, 2022 to December 31, 2022, citizens of Belarus and Ukraine, legally residing in the territory of Poland, can apply for a Polish national visa directly in Poland. Application will be reviewed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

The conditions for Belarusian citizens who want to apply for a national visa under this procedure are the inability to return to their country of origin due to the imminent repressions there and:

  • previous stay in the territory of Poland on the basis of a humanitarian visa, or
  • arrival to Poland from Ukraine after February 24, 2022, provided that the applicant was legally residing in Ukraine directly before that date, or
  • plan to work as an international driver.

The new regulations also allow Ukrainian citizens to apply for a national visa who are to perform work as:

  • an international driver, or
  • an aircraft crew member.

New proposal significantly simplifies the visa procedures for citizens of Belarus and Ukraine, who so far could only apply for visas outside the territory of Poland.  Details of the formalities will be available soon.

Moreover, Ukrainian citizens can still apply for a national visa at the Polish consulate in Lviv (more information) and benefit from document (more information).