The filing of applications for a residence permit is still possible. The stopping of the clock on deadlines does not affect the possibility of conducting proceedings | PRO HR May


With the entry into force of the 8 April 2022 amendment to the Ukrainian Special Act, from 15 April 2022 to 31 December 2022 the clock has been stopped on deadlines in proceedings for the granting of temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits or long-term EU residence permits to foreigners. 

This does not mean that such proceedings have been suspended and the launch of new ones is impossible.

The new laws only mean that during their term of validity voivodship authorities will not be required to comply with specific deadlines for the completion of proceedings.

In practice, this will result in the inability to enforce the obligation to comply with the deadlines for the completion of proceedings by authorities in the event of a lengthy conduct of residence permit procedures by such authorities.

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