Health and safety at work during remote working


Work is underway in the parliament (Sejm) on a bill concerning remote working, which means that in the near future employers will see regulation of this form of work provision.

Due to the specific nature of remote working, it was also necessary to regulate health and safety issues. 

In the case of employees working remotely, the employer is also responsible for safe and hygienic working conditions, albeit to a limited extent.

Parts of the general health and safety regulations do not apply in the case of remote working.

In addition, the employer should provide the employee performing remote work with the work materials and tools, including technical equipment, necessary to perform the remote work and reimburse the costs covered by the employee in connection with the performance of this work, such as internet costs.

We address this issue in detail in the article.

The employee performs the work under the supervision of the employer.

In the case of remote work, the supervision of the employee is limited, so the legislator has determined that in certain cases it will be possible to carry out an inspection at the employee's place of work.

However, these rules should be regulated in internal regulations or in an agreement with the employee, which we also remind you of in the article.

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Source: HR na Szpilkach
Date: July 2022
Language: Polish