Comparing the outcome of Government responses to Covid-19


We contributed to the analysis on government responses to the Covid-19 crisis over two timeframes, in order to identify the most effective policies introduced worldwide.

First, country performance since the beginning of the pandemic (January 2020 – October 2021) has been reported. Then we analysed how well governments have recovered since the peaks of the crisis in terms of GDP loss (July 2020 – October 2021). 

The aim of the report was to  ascertain whether policies whose sole focus was to mitigate the health impacts of Covid-19 hindered or helped the long-term recovery, and whether countries that only focused on the economic recovery endured greater social harm.

This paper focuses on 20 countries including Poland. 

Analysis was prepared by IUS LABORIS and its affiliated firms. 

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Source: Ius Laboris
Date: 12 January 2022