PRO HR August


In the individual tax ruling, the Director of the National Treasury Information Service agreed that employees who work remotely are also entitled to higher monthly tax deductible expenses (PLN 300 instead of PLN 250).

The previous basic contribution amount was PLN 1,662.97.

The change is a result of the implementation of the EU directive on work-life balance

If we fire a protected employee, such as a trade unionist, we must expect that the court will order us to employ him or her throughout the legal proceedings until the judgment.

Telework is allowed until 7 October 2023. After that date, it must be replaced by remote work.

In the individual tax ruling, the Director of the National Treasury Information Service (DKIS) has ruled that expenses for a team-building trip of the Company's B2B collaborators do not constitute a tax deductible expense.

On 1 August 2023, the Supreme Administrative Court issued a precedent-setting judgment on the taxation of benefits of employees posted to work abroad.

A regular section on current ratios, percentages, minimum salaries, and allowances for the month.

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