Social Security contributions financed by the payer may be deductible in the month for which they are due, provided they are paid on time | PRO HR Alert


From the 1st of January 2023, Social Security contributions, in the part financed by the payer, contributions to the Labour Fund, the Solidarity Fund and the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund, are tax deductible in the month for which they are due, but only on the condition that the contributions are paid within the time limit resulting from the relevant regulations.

This means that contributions on remuneration due for January, paid to an employee in February, paid to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) in March, may be charged to the company's costs in January.

If the deadline for payment of the contributions by the payer is not met, the contributions will constitute a tax cost at the time they are actually paid to ZUS.

The new provision does not apply to premiums due on prizes and bonuses paid in cash or securities out of after-tax income. Premiums payable on such income are not tax expenses of the company at all.

Social Security contributions paid by the payer after the 1st of January 2023, but relating to salaries for 2022, will constitute a tax expense under the rules applicable until the end of 2022.