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working-time-in-practiceThe book provides practical answers to the most problematic questions of employers and employees on organizing and settling working time.
Provides a detailed study of difficult issues related to working time. Comprehensively analyzes solutions for working time in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The author of the book is attorney-at-law Iwona Jaroszewska-Ignatowska.

"Working time in practice" explains the topics:
  • business trips, team-building trips and employee training in the context of working time,
  • creating work schedules,
  • ordering and settling overtime,
  • work on days off,
  • keeping documentation related to working time, including records,
  • working time systems and the possibility of their application in practice, depending on the employer's business needs,
  • organizing and settling employee roster,
  • risks and responsibility of managers for the proper organization of work, its planning and settling,
  • settlement of working time of part-time workers and young workers,
  • organization of working time in the era of the coronavirus pandemic,
  • remote work and regulations regarding working time of the Anti-Crisis Shield.

The guide helps in the correct planning and settlement of employees' working time.

The table of contents of the book "Working time in practice"
  • Introduction
  • Working time definition
  • Concepts necessary for planning and settling working time
  • Working time and business trip
  • Working time and training
  • Working time systems
  • Breaks from work and rest periods
  • Downtime at work 
  • Working overtime
  • Work on days off
  • Night work
  • Work of management staff, part-time and young workers
  • Working time records
  • COVID-19 related working time solutions
  • Legal acts

The study is available for purchase on the Wolters Kluwer website.

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