The temperature in work premises should be at least 14°C | PRO HR November 2022


The employer is obliged to ensure that the temperature in the work premises is not less than 14°C, and in the work premises where light physical labour is performed and in the office premises not less than 18°C.

Therefore, the temperature in the work premises cannot be lowered below these values (unless technological considerations do not allow for work at higher temperatures). This means that when the temperature in the workroom falls below 14°C or, in the case of office premises and those in which light work is performed, below 18°C, the employer should allow employees to stop working.

Employees may be entitled to downtime pay for the time when work is not performed if the employer is unable to direct them to other work.

With coal and gas supply problems projected for businesses, employers should already consider whether they can organize work in sucha way that they will not have to turn away employees from work due to excessively low temperatures in work premises.

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