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Compliance Day 2022

29 September | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 


Hybrid conference | Free event


On the eve of entry into force of the reform of the Commercial Company Code concerning corporate groups and the challenges related to the (non-) implementation of the Whistleblower Protection Directive, the 6th edition of the Compliance Day will be devoted to:

  • the realities of performing the compliance function in Polish organizations;
  • the specifics of compliance management in corporate groups;
  • internal proceedings after the entry into force of the holding law (amendments to the Commercial Company Code).



10:00 - 10:15 INTRODUCTION 


10:15 - 11:45 | The reality of the compliance officer's work in Polish organisations

There is a lot of talk in the compliance community about legislation that has not yet come into force and it is not known whether it will (protection of whistleblowers), or about the assumptions of the draft law on collective entities, which has not been amended for many years. This time we want to leave these topics behind and discuss the reality of compliance management in Poland.
With our guests we will talk about:

  • What is the daily work of a compliance officer in Polish organisations? 
  • Who is the compliance officer, what is his/her empowerment and "efficiency"?
  • What is the officer's responsibility? 
  • What problems and challenges does he/she encounter in compliance management?
  • Are there perceptible differences between national and international approaches to compliance management?

Moderator  Janusz Tomczak and invited guests:


11:45 - 12:15 - Coffee break


12:15 - 13:45 | Compliance management in multinational groups

Managing the risk of non-compliance in multi-entity corporations is a major challenge. The idea of setting up a global compliance system and harmonising standards does not always work in local realities, both due to differences in law and different corporate cultures in different jurisdictions. 

  • How to effectively manage compliance at group level? 
  • What can be done to make 'global' policies work realistically?
  • Can a common (group) whistleblowing channel fulfil its purpose?
  • Is the establishment of a centralised team of specialists to clarify undesirable developments the optimal solution?

we will discuss during panel II. 

Moderator Łukasz Kuczkowski and invited guests:

  • Agnieszka Gawrońska-Malec, Head of Volvo Group Whistle and Global Investigations in Volvo Group;
  • Jakub Staśkiewicz, Legal & Compliance Director, Data Protection Officer in Vision Express;
  • dr Dominik Wolski, Chief Compliance Officer, Dyrektor Działu Prawnego in Jeronimo Martins Polska;
  • Krzysztof Mazurek, Deputy General Counsel, Head of Legal Europe, Director of Global Compliance in Precision Medicine Group. 

13:45 - 14:30 - Lunch


14:30 - 16:00 | Why should we pay more attention to internal investigations? 

We believe that the regulatory changes coming into force, primarily in the area of company law, will affect the frequency and professionalisation of internal investigations.


  • Will the reality of investigations in Poland change, and in what way, following the introduction of the group legislation?
  • Will the broader powers of supervisory boards have an impact on the model of conducting internal investigations?
  • What are the challenges of conducting investigations in a capital group?

will be discussed during panel III. 

Moderator  Damian Tokarczyk and invited guests:


Participation in the hybrid event is free of charge. 

The number of on-site seats is limited, priority in registration for on-site participation is given to law firm clients. The order of registration is decisive. 

On-site we invite one person from each organization, and online with no limit. 

On-site conference venue: Intercontinental Hotel in Warsaw.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:


Attorney-at-law / Partner / Head of the Poznan Office / Executive MBA.

Łukasz has nearly 20 years of experience in HR law.

He advises on collective employment relations and deals with trade unions, including conducting collective disputes and negotiations. He has vast experience in implementing, negotiating and terminating collective agreements and other social agreements, as well as employee guarantees.

He conducts workforce reorganisations, including collective redundancies, voluntary leave programmes, and other forms of downsizing.

He created and developed the Employee Capital Plans practice, and introduced a social insurance pillar.

Łukasz is the head of the “Going Paperless” program, which aims to digitise HR processes.

His clients include companies from the retail, energy, logistics, TMT, and pharma industries. He is the author of many publications in the trade press.

Łukasz is ranked by The Legal 500 EMEA international ranking in the field of employment law and white-collar crime. He is a member of the European Employment Lawyers Association.

He implements new technologies and tools for work organization, communication and management of law firms.

Head of the Business Crime and Compliance Practice.

Janusz has over 15 years of experience in managing complex, high-stakes business crime matters and internal investigations. He advises and represents corporate and individual clients in investigations and prosecutions by law enforcement authorities, including domestic and multi-jurisdictional cases.

He blends years of litigation practice with in-depth knowledge of how corporations operate, and the liability borne by top management.

More recently, he has been dealing with high-profile, corporate internal investigations, concerning allegations of fraud and corruption (commercial and public) in companies from the financial, media and wood industries . Moreover, he has been advising corporate and individual clients on white-collar prosecutions related to allegations of commercial and tax fraud and abuse of trust offences, as well as  on compliance and remediation programs to address detected irregularities.

His unique area of expertise concerns offences committed in the workplace, i.e. related to health and safety, as well as relations with trade unions.

He serves as an expert witness who gives evidence in British courts regarding the Polish law and justice system.

He is a member of the International Bar Association (Senior Vice-Chair of the Criminal Law Committee), the European Criminal Bar Association, the European Fraud and Compliance Lawyers Association, and the Extradition Lawyers Association. Since 2010 Janusz has been a judge at the Warsaw and National Bar disciplinary bodies (lawyers’ professional liability).

He is highly regarded in international rankings, such as Chambers Europe and The Legal 500 EMEA in white-collar crime, and Who's Who Legal as a Thought Leader and Global Leader in Business Crime Defence and Investigations.
He is a speaker and organiser of conferences on the many aspects of criminal liability. Author of Polish and international publications regarding criminal law.

Damian specializes in criminal proceedings related to commercial and employment matters.

He is highly experienced in the area of compliance and internal investigations with an emphasis on corruption, mobbing, theft and other irregularities.

He represents suspects, defendants and injured parties in criminal cases connected with white collar crimes and business and employment issues. As a defence attorney, he conducts investigations and trials concerning frauds, damaging companies, accidents at work and actions to the detriment of employees.

As a compliance specialist, he advises on the implementation of anti-corruption regulations and whistleblowing systems, and gives legal opinions on criminal liability risk, its management and compliance.

His clients include companies from the pharmaceutical, financial and manufacturing industries.

He serves as an expert who gives evidence in British courts regarding the Polish law and justice system. Speaker and organizer of conferences and training sessions on aspects of criminal liability and compliance. Author of numerous Polish and foreign publications.