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WEBINAR | Reporting contracts for specific work to ZUS. How to prepare for new responsibilities?

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20 October 2020 | 10:00-10:45 | Free online meeting | Language: Polish

From 1 January 2021, contribution payers will be obliged to inform ZUS about contracts for specific work.

We wrote about this obligation in the alert "ZUS will require reporting contracts for specific work". It is supposed to help the implementation of financial aid under the Anti-Crisis Shield, but in fact it was imposed in order to "enable ZUS to verify the social security obligation for persons performing contracts called contracts for specific work".

During the webinar "Informing ZUS about contracts for specific work – how to prepare for new obligations?" you will learn, among others about:

  • new obligations of the contribution payer regarding reporting concluded contracts for specific work;
  • the features that a specific work contract should have so that ZUS could not effectively challenge it;
  • the consequences of reclassifying a specific work contract into a contract subject to obligatory insurance contributions;
  • actions that can be taken before the entry into force of the new regulations, to some extent to protect against their effects.

The webinar will be hosted by:

Who should be interested in the event?

Entrepreneurs employing on the basis of specific work contracts, representatives of legal, HR and finance departments.