PRO HR February 2021


What is the newest issue of the employer newsletter about?

This year the preparation and publication of the report are compulsory, with this duty being incumbent upon the supervisory board.

Nowadays, employees face more and more problems regarding being offline after their designated working hours. The pressure ensuing from being online curtails our ability to switch off from work during leisure time and stay offline.

Extended pre-retirement protection is in force until the end of September 2021 for employees who have already reached the retirement age. 

Prior to submitting an application for public aid, companies must assess their own financial standing. The condition for obtaining aid is lower sales, for instance, only those companies that are not distressed can receive aid. 

As of 26 January 2021, honorary blood donors who have given blood or blood components, including plasma after recovering from being ill with COVID-19 have the right to take a total of up to two days off work.

A bill has been submitted to the Bundestag in Germany according to which a woman would hold one seat in management boards numbering at least three persons

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