No more remote work based on the employer’s instruction – you will need rules and regulations and agreement with the employee | PRO HR September


Most likely, remote work will be regulated by the Labour Code in November. Employers will have only 14 days to implement it.

An agreement with the trade unions will be required. If there are no trade unions in the company, remote work rules and regulations must be promulgated.

They should be consulted with employee representatives beforehand.

So it is worthwhile to determine already today whether we have employee representatives authorized to this effect.

It is worthwhile to determine with managers which employee groups will work remotely and how – occasionally, full-time or in a hybrid format.

This will have to be included in an agreement or rules and regulations.

It is worth having a go at determining the costs of remote work – equipping remote work stations and reimbursing the costs of electricity and telecommunications services.

If we don't want to settle energy and Internet costs, we need to establish a lump sum that we will pay. Now is the time to calculate it. It is worth doing and budgeting the funds at least for next year.

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