PRO HR June 2020


What does the current issue of the employer newsletter contain?


  • Topic 1: New solutions for employers in the Anti-Crisis Shield 4.0 bill

The last stage of work on the new support package for companies is in progress. Which solutions are worth paying attention to this time?

  • Topic 2: Who will receive (and who will return) the aid under the PFR Shield?

The Polish Development Fund changed the requirements for SMEs. A small company belonging to a corporate group may satisfy the criteria for being treated as a large company.

  • Topic 3: Reimbursement of the expenses of remote work and personal income tax (PIT)

Employees are not duty-bound to use their own tools and equipment when doing their jobs remotely and employers should reimburse their employees for the costs of remote work they incur.

  • Topic 4: Working with COVID-19 in the background

Employers must accept the constant presence of COVID-19 in the functioning of the company. That is why it is important to prepare the company properly. 

  • Topic 5: Court hearings by Internet – are now possible

As part of the Anti-Crisis Shield 3.0, provisions have been introduced to enable courts to operate in a pandemic. Hearings can take place over the internet under certain conditions. 

  • Topic 6: Access to seasonal work without a permit for foreigners

It is not necessary to obtain a work permit to hire a foreigner for certain seasonal jobs.

  • Topic 7: Recreational leave and employee isolation due to an infectious disease

The state of the epidemic has significantly affected holiday issues. Especially in the upcoming holiday season, it has become a hot topic.

  • Topic 8: The clock has been reinstated for deadlines in administrative proceedings

The deadlines for administrative proceedings has been resumed from 23.05.2020. Therefore, it is necessary to check promptly the deadlines to perform the activities the parties to administrative proceedings are obligated to perform.

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