TRAINING SESSION | Remuneration reports of listed companies’ board of directors

18 March 2021 r. | 10-11 am | Paid online training session

New challenges for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Starting this year, drawing up remuneration reports of management and supervisory board members has become an obligation resulting from the law. Last year, listed companies developed remuneration policies for members of the management and supervisory board.

Currently they will have to prepare the first remuneration report covering 2019-2020.

During the training we will talk about:

  • Who is responsible for drawing up the report and the information it should contain?
  • What information should be included in the remuneration report?
  • What will the auditor assess and what will be the nature of the resolution of the general meeting regarding the report?
  • What are the obligations related to the publication of the reports?
  • What is the risk of failure to comply with the obligation to draw up a report or what if it includes false information in it?

Who should be interested in the event?

Legal departments, management and supervisory boards, management boards and supervisory boards members of listed companies.


The cost of participation is 499 PLN + VAT.

Details and registration by email:


Head of the Remuneration Practice in the Financial and Public Companies Sectors.

Katarzyna has extensive experience in individual and collective labour law. She represents clients in court proceedings. She has conducted many sensitive internal investigations.

She specialises in developing remuneration policies, mainly for financial institutions and listed companies. She advises supervisory boards and corporate groups on all aspects related to hiring and dismissing senior executives.

Her clients include listed companies, banks, brokerage houses and investment funds. She also advises clients from the media and manufacturing industries.

She cooperates with many industry associations, including the Polish Chamber of Brokerage Houses (IDM), the Polish Bank Association (ZBP), and the Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG).

She is the author of numerous publications on labour law with a particular emphasis on remuneration regulations in regulated industries.

A propagator of going Paperless in a HR domestic programme, and document digitization in business.


Attorney-at-law. Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. Specializes in advising businesses, both Polish and foreign, on labour law matters, in particular in matters associated with employment and dismissal of employees, including managerial staff, development and implementation of internal employee regulations, and employee-related legal aspects of corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions or group dismissals. Before joining the Raczkowski Law Firm, for 7 years she gathered experience in the Domański Zakrzewski Palinka Law Firm.