Voluntary nature of the PPK


Saving in the PPK is voluntary for the employed persons. An employed person is, however, automatically enrolled in the program. Therefore, an individual who does not want to participate should file an appropriate written declaration with its employing entity. The declaration takes effect in the month of its filing. This means that from the moment of filing the declaration, PPK contributions will no longer be charged of the enrollee, and all the contributions made in the same month will be returned. 

The declaration can be filed at any point in time, also before the person in question is automatically enrolled in the PPK. The declaration is valid for 48 months. It can be renewed before this period ends. In consequence, the employed person will continue not saving in the PPK. 

If an individual fails to renew the declaration, they will be automatically enrolled in the PPK starting on 1 April following the end of the abovementioned 48-month period. 

The employed person who decided to withdraw from the program can rejoin it at any moment by filing an appropriate application. In such a case, the prior declaration ceases to be binding and the employing entity will start making PPK contributions starting in the month following the month when the application to join the PPK was filed.