Trade unions to participate only in the selection of financial institution


The employing entity that is obligated to establish the PPK must agree the selection of the financial institution that will manage the PPK with its union organization, or, if there is no such organization, with a body representing the employed persons, selected under the rules accepted at the given establishment. 

The competences of the trade union in the PPK establishment procedure are limited to participation in the decision on the choice of the financial institution. This should be done through an agreement concluded by the employing entity and the trade union. However, should such an agreement fail to be reached, the PPK establishment procedure continues. If there is no agreement one month before the conclusion of PPK management agreement, you can choose the financial institution on your own.

If there is no union organization at your company, the agreement should be reached with a representative body, elected under the rules accepted at the given establishment. Importantly, this body must be elected specifically for this purpose. If there is an employee representative body elected to represent the employees in other issues, its competences should be broadened to include PPK issues (which the employees should confirm in a way that is analogous to the election of the body, i.e. in a way that is accepted at the establishment), or a separate body should be elected.

You are not required to agree other PPK issues with the trade union or the employee representatives, including the management agreement or the potential amount of the target contribution.