Crisis management

We provide comprehensive corporate crisis management services. Our definition of a crisis encompasses all unexpected events which cause significant difficulties in the functioning of an enterprise, whether transitory or permanent, and which carry the risk of serious financial, legal or reputational consequences.
We support our Clients not only in the management of the legal aspects, but also those related to communication and business. In addition to immediate legal support, we offer support with respect to the construction and management of information as well as internal and external communication.
Our crisis management practice distinguishes the following kinds of crises:

  • Being investigated by law enforcement or suspicions of intra-company crime (search conducted on the company's premises, business secret theft, whistleblowing)
  • Illegal actions by trade unions (illegal strike, planned downtime)
  • Chance events (the employer’s death, bankruptcy, workplace accidents, unplanned downtime)
  • Loss of key employees (departure, loss of licenses and permits, including the loss of work permit by a foreigner)
  • Audits by state authorities (labor inspection, sanitary inspection, fire inspection, tax office, a decision that interferes with business activities)
  • While implementing crisis management, we provide:
  • Prevention: implementation of internal compliance regulations, including a crisis management policy
  • Phone consultation immediately upon accepting the case
  • Coordination of PR and communication internally and externally, including the preparation of press releases
  • Participation in proceeding, negotiations
  • Conducting an internal investigation, also with the use of forensic tools
  • Diagnosis and recommendations upon conclusion of the work