Social insurance (ZUS)

We advise our Clients how to deal with the plethora of regulations on social insurance and the constant changes in interpretations made by the Social Security Institution (ZUS).

We recommend solutions that minimize risks in social security cases and shelter from the negative consequences of ZUS audits.

We analyze employee benefits for tax and social security obligations. We determine what social security obligations there are, if any, on non-employment legal relationships. We prepare requests for interpretation.

We support our Clients during ZUS audits. We prepare appeals against decisions issued by ZUS. We represent our Clients in audit proceedings and in court during appeals against ZUS decisions.

In particular, we provide social security advice on the company social benefits fund, outsourcing, social security obligations on subcontracted work and contracts for specific work as well as social security obligations of management board members.

We support our Clients in coordinating their actions with ZUS in respect of audits of employee medical leaves. We represent employers as interested parties in litigation involving ZUS and employees. We have frequently succeeded in cases in which the court ruled that employees had to return unduly paid medical leave benefits.